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Exercise Tips for Families!!!

1.  Set a good example!  Be physically active and get your famly to join you.  Have fun together.  Play with the kids or pets.  Go for a walk, tumble in the leaves or play catch.

2.  Take the President's Challenge as a family. Track your individual physical activities together and earn awards for active lifestyles at

3.  Establish a routine.  Set aside time each day as physical activity time - walk, jog, skate, cycle, or swim.  Adults need at least 30 minutes of physical activity most days of the week;  children 60 minutes everyday or most days.

4.  Have an activity party.  Make the next birthday party centered on physical activity.  Try backyard Olympics or relay races.  Have a bowling or skating party.

5.  Set up a home gym.  Use household items, such as canned foods, as weights.  Stairs can substitute for stair machines.

6.  Move it!  Instead of sitting through TV commercials, get up and move.  When you talk on the phone, lift weights or walk around.  Remember to limit TV watching and computer time.

7.  Give activity gifts.  Give gifts that encourage physical activity - active games or sporting equipment.

Get Fit, Have Fun and Stay Healthy by moving 1 hour per day ! ! !
Get Fit, Have Fun and Stay Healthy by moving 1 hour per day ! ! !