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    Welcome to    Mrs. Odom's Class


August Homework:



Every Night

  1. Read at least 20 minutes and complete reading log.  (This includes stories, sight word practice, and 1 min.  timed reading)
  2. Time your child reading for 1 minute.


My goal:  ________  words correct/ minute (wcpm)

  1. Practice reading, spelling and writing spelling words.

*See Spelling Menu in Binder*

*Spelling Test every Friday*


Social Studies/ Science


School Rules/ Good Citizenship

All About Me

Needs and Wants




Upcoming Activities:

Sept. 1- Job Report:  Dress up as a family member and tell about their job.



August 14-18 Review Unit

Read:  “Get Fit” p. 17

             “At the Bus” p. 21

             “At the Pond” p. 23

Spelling Words: mop, big, cat, rug, tug, flat, dig, hop, nest, best

Other: backpack p. 4-5


August 21-25 Unit 1

Read:  “Cass’s Cat” p. 28

             “Help!” p. 30

Spelling Words:  chop, chip, chick, check, inch, pinch, lunch, bunch, ranch, branch

Other: backpack p. 6, 8-9


August 28-31 Unit 1

Read:  “Ettabetta’s Radish Patch” p. 38

             “The Patch-It-Up Shop” p. 39

Spelling Words: fish,  wish, rush, brush, I, my, he, she, her, his

Other:  backpack p. 10, 12-13



All Year

  • Math Fact Fluency:  Practice the Equations in binder.

All Month

  • Counting and Writing Numbers
  • Understanding Teens are a Group of 10 and Some More


August 14-18

  • Combinations and Fact Families Equaling Up to 10

      (Ex.  3+7=10 7+3=10 10-7=3 10-3=7)

  • Adding 10 to 1 digit numbers

(Ex. 10+3=13  10+5=15)


August 21-25

  • Counting Up to Find the Missing Addend in Combinations Equaling Up to 10 

(Ex.  5+ ___=8)

  • Measuring Length


August 28-31

  • Measuring Length
  • Adding and Subtracting Up to 10
  • +1 and -1 Up to 20

       (Ex. 5+1=6  10-1=9 19+1=20)



**Please remember to check our class Dojo for behavior reports, class pictures, and parent news!!