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Fall Themes





*Gingerbread Man



We are learning....

*Letters of the Alphabet Aa-Ll


*Numerals 0-5 and counting sets to match


*Sorting by different attributes


*Positional Words






*Answering questions about a topic/story

1/8/13 12:35 PM
9/30/10 3:28 PM
10/16/10 8:16 PM


Reading Logs



Don't forget that reading is the best thing you can do to prepare your child for Kindergarten.  Please try to read each night and log your books on our monthly reading logs.  Reading awards will be given at our awards ceremony in May.  


75 books=medal

100 books=small trophy

125 or more books=large trophy

Homelearning Folders



Please check your child's home learning folder daily to stay informed about upcoming events and happenings.  Homework packets will go home each Monday.  Please return them when your child has completed the assignments for the week.  Don't forget to read each night and fill in your weekly reading log.  Students who read enough books will receive a reading award in May!

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